Monday, May 28, 2012

If Your Looking for Spiritual Advice Just Ask!

Hi Everyone this is Mrs. USA Profit, I know that I’m going to be hit with a lot of unbelievers and skeptics, but I’m as legit as they come! I’ve had prophetic dreams and visions, about 9/11, Jesus Christs resurrection, the beginning of man-kind, and I’ve seen the coming warhorse of the apocalypse…I have the ability to deceiver any scripture.

I’m a gifted psychic; I have had dreams of late President Kennedy, John Lennon, George Harrison, Sitting Bull, Jim Morison, Jimmy Hendrix. I have had many, many dreams, I’m able to control my dreams, and get out of any dream that I don’t want to have. I have almost been possessed twice,and have been attacked spiritually by the Devil, and I know how to fight back!

I know how to handle, the past, the future, evil-spirits, and I want to help you! I’ve wanted to get the message out to people for a long time, but I only want to reach those that want to listen. The only way to do that, is to charge for the privilege to hear what it all means. Have you been seeking assistance; but had no idea who to ask? Well Mrs U.S.A Profit is here for you! I want to reach out my caring and compassionate heart to your problems,regarding your questions about heaven, hell and the after life.  I will tell all to you, but because of the religious hatred, and violence out there in today’s world, I can’t do it for free. I have to charge a fee. If you really want to know, and are a true believer, then a small fee, will be nothing for the invaluable, fresh information that I will reveal. This is fresh information, not words that are 3000 years old, out of an old dusty book.

So if you want to talk to someone who has actually heard Gods voice; then take part and act now! Time is of the essence.If you have questions regarding the bible, questions regarding certain passages, questions regarding the end-times which are coming, or something you just don’t understand or what it all means…let me help you.

Send $20 to my PayPal account and then send  me you’re letters to After I receive your $20 dollars, I will answer any spiritual question that you have. Please one question per letter. Thanks and remember God loves you and so do I.

As soon as I receive your $20.00, I will answer your question; just send the question with a notice that you sent me the payment, I will then check my PayPal account, and then I will tell all I know just for you!